• Everyone accepted, everywhere

    A diverse and inclusive workplace where you belong.

  • יום האישה הבינלאומי

    Visa חוגגת את יום האישה הבינלאומי ואתם מוזמנים לראות איך אנו תומכים ביזמות צעירות ואמיצות בהגשמת החזונות העסקיים החדשים שלהן.

  • Springboard Initiative - an opportunity to thrive

    Visa has partnered with the Springboard Initiative to provide access to career opportunities in technology to underserved youth in the Bay Area

  • Bring Your Child to Work Day

    Watch over 800 children and their Visa parents enjoying a day at Visa HQ loaded with immersive experiences that inspired creativity, helped them understand Visa's business and gave them a glimpse into the future with new technology innovation.

Alfred F. Kelly, C.E.O. of Visa

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